Suprfrog's Pocket Schedules

Updated: October 1st, 2017

"...donít blame me if you end up spending a few hours (here) - itís pretty addictive."
                                                                - Paul Lukas,

Unofficial sked count: 22,729 (#22,000: 1998-99 Tri-City Americans)

Still scanning the Harrisburg box and 2017-18 major junior hockey is starting to arrive

"As most of you know, I love niche collections, and Claudeís site is one of the best examples Iíve ever seen." - Paul Lukas

"The lovely image of just a logo on a small piece of paper with a few words of text. So simple, yet so powerful." - interlockingtc

"As the last living collector of XFL merchandise, I salute the efforts of esoteric collectors such as Mr. Jacques." - JM Rempt

"I think I found a new hobby! Love the artwork on the schedules. It is really such a pure way to look into the past. Palpable nostalgia. Love it." - muskiejim

" awesome website...I learned a ton from it." - njgerryg

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